High quality commercial movies

How the wind is born… At first, there is a subtle feeling – the movement of a grass blade, changes in moonlight’s colors, the first whispers in the leaves, the squeaking of the wicket… And then you know it is happening!

Out of associations, words and under-statements, meetings and glances, possibilities and probabilities, cups of coffee and handshakes our film is born.

Of course, our team of professional cameramen is aided by modern tech-nologies and wonderful equipment, music and special effects! Trust us, everything will be done right! We will surprise you and make you happy! And we will be proud for bringing a piece of magic into this world!

The great art of films does not consist of descriptive movement of face and body but in the movements of thought and soul. ” LouiseBrooks”

For 15 years we have been bringing the world of images and sounds to the people. The new reality as beautiful as a dream is created out of your idea and our mastery of skills. Many would want to see, remember and experience this new reality.

In our work we don’t follow any existing patterns! Each client is treated as the one and only! We will understand what you want as we understood many others before who eventually became our friends.

Commercial Movie creation
Our job is of a creative kind but we strive for the perfect mix of creativity and productivity. We never bring an unfinished and poor product to the market. You will get a top notch film within the discussed deadlines and we will be proud of our work.
It is common that required characters or images don't exist in reality yet. No worries! Boundless and amazing world of ANIMATION is going to help us. Nothing can limit our ideas there.
Video editing
Shots, music, effects, real persons and virtual characters, voiceovers… Eve-ry single note will be composed into a perfectly sounding melody, from mak-ing of the first shot to post production.
The post production
The final stage where all the footage is mixed together and, finally, a mira-cle happens. Trust us, we either do it right or there is no point in doing it. Otherwise, we wouldn't be any differ-ent and we seek to be the best.
Studio Rental
Rental of the Studio
Our video studio is our creative Home. A place that we value very highly. A place where inspiration and excitement visit us the most. We be-lieve that you are on the same page with us. We will share our Home with you!
Air filming
Air Filming
For once you have tasted flight you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skywards, for there you have been and there you will long to return. (Leonardo da Vinci)
Longing for flight will be softened by a memory recorded on film - a piece about moments of joy and breathtaking adventure experienced in the air and maybe about something that only you could know…
  • YappyIcon side for teens is specifically designed for the YappyIcon baby cot 120x60cm, in order to help the baby himself get in and out of bed comfortably at any time. This excellent option will be more comfortable not only for a child, but also for parents! YappyIcon side for teens is produced from MDF material and is lacquered with water based paints and varnishes, therefore it is natural and baby friendly.
  • BOXETTI is an exclusive furniture brand founded in 2008 by designer Roland Landsberg. Ever since BOXETTI has developed its products implementing most challenging technological solutions and finishing materials of the highest caliber – varnished woods, natural leather and stainless steel.
  • Easy Beer is a beer/grill restaurant, with a concept very similar to the one in Easy Wine. You don’t need to wait for the waiter, to get your glass of beer, but you can pour it yourself, with a help of a special magnetic card. You can pay for the consumed beer afterwards, and what is more important, you don’t necessarily have to drink a whole pint of beer, that you didn’t like, because you can always pour just a couple milliliters, just to be sure that this beer was a right choice, and our beer sommelier is always there to help you with the right choice.
  • Atpērkot Šveices pulksteņus no to iepriekšējiem īpašniekiem, Baltic Watches dāvā tiem otro dzīvi. Pulksteņiem tiek veikta pilna profesionālā diagnostika un nepieciešamie restaurācijas darbi, lai pēcāk tie nonāktu pārdošanā veikalā. Veicot pārbaudi un novērtēšanu, mūsu speciālisti pievērš uzmanību virknei aspektu: tehniskais un vizuālais stāvoklis, zīmols, izlaiduma gads, korpusa veids, dārgmetālu un dārgakmeņu klātbūtne, kā arī ražotāja iepakojuma un dokumentācijas esamība.